There are so many incredible experiences in Canada that you’ll want to take in when you visit. Take the opportunity to see the breathtaking beauty of Canada up close, or immerse yourself in an education or work experience. But first, you need to ensure you have the right paperwork in place! Your Canadian visa application is the first step.

Persons who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada most often require a Canadian visa to enter the country. This includes students, workers, travelers, and family visiting from other countries.

It is important to obtain a Canadian visa well before you plan to enter the country, and before booking any flights or making specific travel plans. You’ll also want to consider checking your eligibility for a Canadian visa before you begin the process, as the Canadian visa application fees are non-refundable. A Preferred Immigration consultant can help you determine whether you’re eligible for a Canadian visa, and what type of visa you should apply for.


Depending on the length and reason for your visit to Canada, you may need one of several different types of Canadian visas. Some options include:

Making sense of the many different options for Canadian visa applications can be challenging. Those unfamiliar with Canada’s complex citizenship and immigration system can quickly become frustrated. Let Edmonton’s best immigration consultants save you time and headaches with Canadian visa application services that will point you in the right direction.

Preferred Immigration consultants have the qualifications and experience to help you determine which visa will work best for your trip or stay. We can also make sure you obtain your visa as quickly as possible. From the decision-making process all the way through to approval of your Canadian visa application, we’ll be guiding your way.

Need to stay in Canada longer?

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