While Citizenship and Immigration Canada has final say in all immigration decisions outside Quebec, provinces can nominate specific individuals for immigration. This allows provinces to recruit workers to fill unique provincial economic needs. The PNP program also offers skilled immigrants greatly improved chances for successful entry to Canada.


The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) in Alberta can help your business secure the workforce it needs. Preferred Immigration services in Edmonton is ready to help connect you with workers to grow your business. If your business is looking to nominate valuable candidates to join Alberta’s workforce, contact Preferred Immigration. We can help you with your PNP application in Alberta, or in any other province in Canada.


As Edmonton’s Preferred Immigration consultants, we have in-depth knowledge of the many requirements immigrants must meet to be considered for work programs in Canada. Certain minimum standards must be met before Citizenship and Immigration Canada will accept foreign workers. These include:

  • minimum language requirements,
  • work experience,
  • trade skills as defined by the National Occupation Classification,
  • Canadian trade certification or equivalency,
  • a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment, and,
  • a full-time employment offer.

These are general minimums for immigrants looking to join the Canadian workforce as a path to residency. However, there are many other factors to be considered, as well as exceptions to some rules. Each situation is different based on an individual’s experience and application. That’s why our clients contact Preferred Immigration before applying for work programs such as the PNP in Alberta.

We have immigration consultants in Edmonton who are ready to bring years of experience and expertise to your immigration process and applications. More than that, we’re excellent connectors. Since we work with business and individuals, we often help businesses find the foreign workers they need to succeed and grow. We also help foreign workers secure positions with reputable companies.

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