LMIA Application for our Employee had been Approved

This morning at 7 AM, I received an email from Service Canada informing me that the LMIA application for our employee Kathi had been approved. What a great way to end the week! She has been a wonderful employee for the past two years, particularly in applying the financial expertise she acquired in her business degree with her language skills.

When I told her this morning, I first informed her with a somber expression, but I had some serious news for her. I then said to her that she would be paying taxes in Canada for the rest of her life. She got it instantly, looked at me with an expression I usually get for my weird office humour and then burst into a smile.

When Service Canada ask me why we are using another RCIC, Carl Wurfel, of Edmonton’s preferred immigration services; I was forthcoming. I said that LMIA’s were not a major part of my practice, and his firm was highly regarded. I also said that I did not want to do it myself because if I failed, I would be letting down a friend, not just an employee. They accepted the answer.

So, well done, Carl! Like all of you, I generally don’t get to see the results were successful applications I’ve been a part of. I stay in touch as best I can, but people move on with their lives. This one is different. I get to watch the success every day. Perhaps Kathi will be a competitor someday (she’s that good), but for now, it’s a great way to end the week. She’ll be celebrating with her friends. I’ll have a cool one on my patio this evening, watch the sunset, and feel very content.


| Victor Godin, RCIC | Start B.C.