They are Family to me at Preferred Immigration

Funny story. So, I found this law firm by accident, and I will probably say this is the best accident of my life. I sent my package to my previous lawyer, and it was delivered to Sue, the receptionist. Wrong office! Instead of tossing it, she called my number and told me. When I found the location, I was greeted with the biggest, most genuine smile. I explained that immigration requests to complete my filing were additional information requests, which I was dealing with for two and a half years with another law firm. By the way, if you want to be turned down and charged $12,000, please see them. Sue said to me, “save our number just in case things don’t work out, and we will help you.” It turns out I got denied. I called Sue, and she put me on to Neha. She promised me everything would be OK and give it one year to do so.

Let me say that in 10 months, I’m a permanent resident with only a quarter of the money I previously spent. Manavi and Neha, I owe it all to them. They are real, patient and kind. They are quick and efficient. I have never called or emailed and didn’t get a reply right away or by day’s end. They are family to me at Preferred Immigration. I recommend this company to anyone serious about their status. I am beyond happy and satisfied with their service, and they honestly care about your well-being! Thank you so so much!!


| Peta-ann Dwyer |

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