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At Preferred Immigration, we understand there is a lot on the line regarding your Canadian immigration application. It is not just a piece of paper or any old document; it’s a new home and a new life for you and your family. We have based our services around this vital process to ensure we provide unparalleled immigration services in Edmonton and Canada. Trust our expert Immigration Consultants in Edmonton!

What’s Immigration

Immigration is the act of settling in as a permanent resident in a country that is not your own. It is a monumental decision for anyone considering it. There is a lot of important work to do before immigrating to Canada. Our certified immigration consultants will help you make decisions, submit forms and paperwork, and settle in beautiful Canada!

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    10 Years as Edmonton’s Preferred Immigration Consultants

    Preferred Immigration has been a leading immigration consultant in Edmonton for the past ten years. We are immensely proud of our work in the last decade to help individuals, families, and communities grow and develop.

    Each client is important to us. Our qualified immigration consultants are committed to helping clients succeed in their applications, bringing them one step closer to achieving their goals and dreams. Our ultimate mission is to help every client lead the best life possible. Whether that means moving to Canada, finding a new job, or reconnecting with family, our clients’ journeys are essential to us.

    Canadian Immigration

    High Success Rates & Guaranteed Professional Service

    Why do our clients continue to refer us year after year? It is our extraordinary success rate and friendly service that our clients appreciate most.

    Immigration applications are often confusing. When your future is on the line, every detail is essential. With Preferred Immigration on your side, you will receive professional guidance and answers to all your questions. Our personalized services cover every detail of the application process, helping you avoid common errors and omissions.


    Immigration consultants are experts in assisting clients immigrating to Canada. An immigration consultant will ensure that the applicant is eligible to apply under a particular immigration program, prepare the application accurately, and handle the government correspondence they decide on the application. Using a consultant avoids any complications and delays in the application process.

    Immigration consultants can provide the same services that an immigration lawyer does, usually at a reduced rate; lawyers can appeal to Federal court, whereas Immigration Consultants can only appeal to the IAD.

    Edmonton's Preferred Immigration Consultants


    Preferred Immigration services tailored to you. Our Edmonton immigration consultants will learn what you need to achieve in a free consultation.  You may be applying for LMIA, PNP, Canadian Visas, or a different immigration document type. No matter what you require, we have the experience you need on your side for success.

    Once we know how we can help, it’s easy to get started! Understanding your needs is vital for any successful Canadian immigration application. Once we understand the vision you have, we can help you achieve it. The first step is only one click away. Get started with your no-obligation qualification assessment today, or call us to schedule your consultation!


    We are leading Edmonton immigration consultants because we dedicate ourselves to the success of our applicants. Right from the start of the process, you’ll know we’re on your side. Our Edmonton immigration consultants are knowledgeable, friendly, and advocate for our clients to ensure a smooth and easy process.

    They understand the laws surrounding your application and are frequently in contact with government agencies. You’ll rest easy knowing your application is in the hands of a qualified immigration consultant with decades of experience.


    We’ve helped hundreds of people just like you successfully submit their Canadian immigration applications. We understand the process and can quickly help with any challenges that may arise.

    Time is of the essence when applying for immigration to Canada. Some applications take time to process, so it’s important not to delay. We’ll get started on your application right away so you can get approved sooner.

    One of the best reasons to work with a Preferred Immigration consultant is our ability to take action on your behalf.  As certified and registered consultants, we can take care of the paperwork for you.


    Your Edmonton immigration consultant team will handle all the details of your application. As registered immigration consultants, we have the power to act on your behalf to submit paperwork and achieve success. We have staff on-site to monitor applications and job advertisements and act on any items that require quick responses. In the meantime, you can focus on the personal details of your move and get back to your daily life without worrying.

    Immigration applications can be complicated and time-consuming, but our professional Edmonton immigration services take the hassle and stress out of the process. As Edmonton’s leader in immigration services, you’ll get professional service and faster, better results. Please book your free consultation today to learn more about how we’ve helped other people immigrate to Canada successfully.


    These are some testimonials that clients have sent to us, and we have helped many people obtain PR, Open work permits, and LMIA; often, they come and pick up the work permits at our office and thank us in person.

    Our knowledgeable, professional, and fully qualified immigration consultants will ensure your application is submitted correctly and on time. We’ll stay in touch and make sure you know where your application is in the process. If you have questions during your application process, we’re always a phone call away!

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    Preferred Immigration is a trusted immigration consultant in Edmonton. We have over 10 years of experience providing clients from across Canada with the immigration help they need. Contact the team at Preferred Immigration today for help with the immigration application!