Study Permit in Canada

Study Permits in Canada are issued to foreign nationals to receive education from a designated learning institute (DLI) in Canada.  A study permit is not a visa; it does not allow you to enter Canada.  However, it does provide a gateway for a visitor visa and is a great way to live and study in Canada.


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A Canadian study permit allows you to stay for your study program’s length plus an extra 90 days. At the end of the 90 days, you can apply to extend your stay—the length of stay with a study permit gets determined by the term of the program you are taking. If you complete the program early or finish it past the expiration date, the stay duration can change.

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    LMIA Eligibility Requirements

    Requirements to receive a study permit:

    • Enrollment at a designated learning institution (DLI)
    • Proof of enough money to pay: Tuition, Living expenses for yourself and family members, Return transportation for yourself and family members
    • No criminal record and proof of a police certificate
    • A medical exam proving you are in good health
    • Proof you plan to leave at the end of your study


    When is a study permit not required?

    A study permit is not required for all foreign nationals.  Here are some exceptions.

    • Short Term Studies (under six months)
    • Foreign Representatives who are accredited by Global Affairs Canada
    • Members of foreign armed forces stationed in Canada for official duties
    • Registered Indians
    • Minor Children

    How to Apply?

    The application process for receiving acceptance into the Study Permit Program requires many technical documents.  These documents include:

    • Health
    • Financial
    • Identity
    • Letter of explanation
    • Documents for children
    • Other documents

    These documents have to be in perfect order to receive your Study Permit.

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    What happens if I get refused?

    If your application gets refused, the Government will send a letter explaining why.  The process must begin again from the beginning.

    Common reasons the application gets refused:

    • You did not show proof of sufficient money to support yourself while in Canada
    • The medical exam failure or the document was not correct
    • You did not convince the visa officer that your primary purpose of entering was to study
    • You did not convince the visa officer that you plan to leave at the end of your studies
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